11 May 2009

mami monday?

i know, i know -- the title for this post is purposefully entendre'ed. i originally intended for this inaugural post to be a recognition for my mother's day musings, but in keeping with the theme of this blog, i need to somehow pack in the noodle notions (while simultaneously sickening myself with the friggin' puns).

so first, happy belated mothers' day.

second, i had not intended this to be about attractive women, commonly used in spanish culture.

with the nearing of the inevitable inferno that is texas summer, it's counterintuitive to be thinking about mami, but the lunchtime rush is near and my stomach is upset from the 3 cups of coffee. for you uninitiated folk, mami is a filipino chicken soup named for the amalgam of Tagalog words for chicken ("manok") and egg noodles ("miki"). this could be freshly made (a la a street vendor), or come from a styrofoam bowl like certain variety of ramen. i only wish there were some nice noodle shops akin to the ones i've visted in california. for now, i'll have to deal with a sandwich of some type.

i don't know how often i will update this blog, but as of late, 140 characters has not been sufficient for some of my random thoughts. i hope this blog serves as a springboard of inspiration during times of mental slugishness like today. truly, mondays always suck for me. and trying to get creative seems like an uphill battle. that's why food is life, and if life is comparable to ramen, this monday sure as hell could use a flavor packet.

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